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January 2013 Haiti Mission

I Care Haiti 766 February 27, 2019

The 5th Missionary Trip to Haiti is scheduled for April 1st - 8th, 2013 (Monday-Monday).

The need is great but the reward in serving is even GREATER! If The Lord should impress on your heart to be a part of this exciting, challenging & dynamic MISSION, please let us know of your intentions or interests because the ticket prices will rise quickly as we get closer to February & March this year. Currently, the airline ticket prices are in the $600 range from the east coast, not sure of the prces from Texas yet. The places where we desire to serve will be in Port-au-Prince, Cabare, Kaleko & Mount Boutille. These are the places we'll be visiting while in Haiti.

Major airline carrriers that travel to Haiti are: American Airline, Delta Airlines, Air France. We are also requesting any help towards obtaining any contributions for the mission trip such as hygiene supplies, emergency medical kits, etc. to take over there during the trip.

If you have ideas for a fundraiser for "I Care Hait,Inc.", please let us know. We welcome all advice & suggestions for the sake of helping others to get their blessings. God always works in numbers & not single digits when doing ministry work. Again, thank you for your attention to this message, and let us know if you're interested in taking this missionary journey with us in April 2013.