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November 2014 Haiti Mission

I Care Haiti 778 February 27, 2019

Annually we plan a missionary trip to Haiti in order to distribute medical supplies, personal hygiene products, toys and school supplies for the people and orphanages.

As a certified non-profit organization, we solicit funds for the purchasing of the items listed to both help aid the Haitian people and provide educational tools for the children in need. We provide food for the hungry, temporary shelter for the homeless, basic necessities for the fatherless/orphans and medical supplies for those who are sick and poor. All support is welcomed and To God Be The Glory.

A few items which are taken to Haiti Annually: (from 2009 onward)

MEDICAL SUPPLIES - prescription glasses, vitamin packs, aspirins for fever or pain, High Blood Pressure equipments & Readers, BP Cuffs, Syringes, Thermometers, band-aids, Alcoholic Preps, Wipes, Hand Sanitizers, stomach aid pills (pepto-bismol), and First-Aid Kits.

PERSONAL HYGIENE SUPPLIES - tooth paste, tooth brushes, mini-mirrors, mouthwash, deodorant, liquid body wash and soap bars, diapers, women’s toiletry products, shampoo & conditioners, baby wipes, towels, hair brush and comb sets.

BASIC NECESSITIES - clothes for males, females (all ages) and children and seniors: tee shirts, bras, underwear, panties, socks, shoes (some flip-flop sandals or dress shoes), sneakers, dresses, ties, shorts, pants, suits handbags (women’s purses) and hats.

EDUCATIONAL TOOLS - coloring books, bibles, crayons, toys, pencils, markers, rulers, scissors, glue sticks, notebooks, pens, erasers, and construction paper.

IMPORTANT ITEMS - sleeping bags, small and large tents, solar powered lights, individual packets of vegetable seeds and flowers for planting, a few utensils for cutting & eating, work tools i.e. screw drivers, and hammers.