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June 2009 Haiti Mission

I Care Haiti 545 February 27, 2019
A recent seven day Missionary trip to Haiti in June of 2009 centered around Cabaret and Kaleko, Haiti, where we partnered with ACED (Assembly for Christian Evangelization & Development).

We distributed gifts to over 300 children at the ACED primary and secondary school. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was shared with over 500 plus people and numerous people were delivered from a variety of illnesses. The gift of healing was made manifest in each of the three days of church service while in Haiti.

The Missionary team also conducted a Medical Clinic for the members of the ACED church. The clinic included blood pressure screenings, basic triage, health education, and distribution of OTC medication. Last but not least, construction has begun on the church in Kaleko, and there is a great move to help fund completion of the church and orphanage. The existing building collapsed after being damage from the last hurricane that devastated the island.