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April 2010 Haiti Mission

I Care Haiti 583 February 27, 2019
Overall - Haiti is a nation that has experienced unimaginable tragedy and devastation. The greatest tragedy is the abundance of resources and help that is available in neighboring countries around the globe that has not reached the Haitian people. It is our goal to get resources on the ground to meet physical and spiritual needs. We will continue our efforts by strategically aligning our resources with the local Haitian pastors. The greatest work is done as we partner with the Haitian people to empower a sustainable system of recovery.

Personal - God spoke to me and told me to go to Haiti. I knew what to expect relative to poverty and devastation. I was prepared to see a down trodden people with little to no hope. I was indeed met with poverty and desperation during my time there. However, there was something there that I had not heard about or seen in the press. There is an interesting dichotomy that exists amongst the Haitian people. They are materially poor but abundantly rich in their dedication to family and community. They are resilient beyond comprehension and they can teach us all a lesson in contentment. I went to Haiti to give but the reality is that I received as well. I fell in love with Haiti due to my interactions with such strong, admirable people. I pray God's richest blessings for Haiti and I am dedicated to do my part to help with the restoration process.